About Legulie [legu’li]

Legulie, pronounced as [legu’li], is an on-going illustration and design project by Valeria Gulieva. It is portfolio reflecting a continuous creative search and experiments with various media: watercolour, graphics, linocut printing and digital drawing.

Legulie takes inspiration from modern fashion, popular culture, cinematography, and city life. She is particularly interested in Asia and oriental aesthetics, and often tries to interpret it in her work. Last but not least, Legulie is a passionate cat lover ^.^


Sometimes life takes a sharp turn and we have to start all over..

This is what happened to Legulie.com a few weeks ago: all the records were lost and the page got completely blank. It is a very frustrating, but at the same time awakening experience. A decision was made to build it all up from scratch again, and do it better than before.

A smaller part of the portfolio, though, can still be accessed on Behance.

So, hope to see you soon again and will work really hard to fill the gaps untill the next time. For now, please follow @legulie on Instagram, she is always up to date.

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