New scarves!

Ok, I spent over an hour trying to create a poll elsewhere, because I’d really like to hear your opinion about which patterns you like best. And then I was like, oh – I actually have my own page and most likely it’s able to do something useful in this regard 😀 So let’s see – will I manage?

One eternity later…

Nope, WP wants me to update the plan to do polls. Thanks, but no thanks. Google, as always, is helping me out.

By following this link you can share your opinion with me regarding the scarves you like best. It would be very-very helpful, as I’m preparing a bigger order and would love to be able to tailor it to your preferences. The quality is super-yummy and I’m very proud of the products, but testes differ, and I’d like to take it into consideration.

The latest patterns in better resolution are below.

Thanks again and happy coming holidays 🙂

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