scanning oil paintings

The main discovery (or at least an aha moment) of this lockdown is scanning oil paintings. For some reason I was absolutely convinced it won’t work, so I even didn’t bother to try. Until a week ago – and, oh miracle! It’s working like a charm JSo now all my smaller canvasses can finally be decently digitalised. The problem remains for bigger formats. I really don’t think I can manage a 60×80 canvas on an a4 scanner 😀 I tried taking photos, but it is just not as good quality, and it is very hard to keep the angles right, not speaking of the lighting. I need to discipline myself and check properly what people out there are doing. Will make an update, if I figure out.

According to wp statistics, this page has been getting much more traffic than usually. I really wonder if they are real people or it’s just some bouncing. I want real people, but all promotion I have done so far was facebook ads three or four times. So is it time to take it more seriously? 😀

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