I just wanted to say that my idea of beauty is getting sort of broader, more inclusive. Maybe it is because I am getting more experience as a viewer, see hundreds of images every day. Or maybe I’m finally growing up and getting more accepting about imperfections. I think it’s a combination, but it doesn’t really matter, I just feel good about it.

I see (or, more precisely, notice) so many beautiful, inspiring people lately, it gets me feel elated and optimistic. I am not so focused solely on this one “standard of beauty” any more, I even feel more confident about my own appearance. I still enjoy the magazine type looks a lot, no doubt about it, but I also appreciate much more the character, charisma, the story behind.

These past months have been very eventful for me, I met many interesting people, worked hard, experimented a bit, saw great places, pushed the limits a little. And right now I feel very alive. I really hope to keep this feeling and move forward. I want to be stronger, more focused and confident, stand up for myself and enjoy the life in all its facets 🙂

The pictures below are the scanned pages of my sketchbook where I was drawing for about a month this summer. This is my first bigger sketchbook project 🙂 I am planning to get a few of these images printed on textiles (tshirts and silk scarfs).

Хотела отметить , что для меня как-то сдвинулось и расширилось личное понятие красоты, я стала терпимее и внимательнее, что ли. Наверное, это можно назвать опытом, я вижу сотни  изображений каждый день, отмечаю для себя что-то новое, стараюсь запоминать и систематизировать. А может я наконец взрослею и больше не так зацикливаюсь на  журнальных типажах. Скорей всего, это и то, и другое, это даже не важно, мне просто нравится это ощущение.

Теперь я вижу (точнее будет сказать замечаю) очень много красивых людей, это придает мне сил и оптимизма двигаться дальше. Я больше не замыкаюсь только на журнальных-подиумных типажах, мне стал интереснее характер, история, харизма.

Последние несколько месяцев я много экспериментировала, общалась, работала, ездила, ошибалась. И на сегодняшний день чувствую себя очень живой. Мне очень хочется удержать это ощущение и продолжить работу над собой. Быть увереннее, сильнее, уметь постоять за себя и просто наслаждаться жизнью 🙂

Картинки – cерия портретов из скетчбука, в котором рисовала около месяца. Это мой первый более или менее цельный блокнотный проект. Некоторые рисунки планирую напечатать на текстиле.


smillaSince recently I started doing a bit more drawing and painting on an almost regular basis, so I realised i suck, there are several things I need to figure out for sure.

I need to learn more about how to:

  • draw faces from different angles, especially from the bottom up, this perspective is killing me
  • hands and feet, I should probably talk to Peter about it and get some exercises there..same applies to faces
  • combine the colours better and be sure what I’m doing when mixing 🙂 well, intuition is not a bad thing, but I’d like to be a bit more confident about it
  • learn more about shadowing, especially, when painting/drawing faces
  • be patient and not stress about nothing

There are many-many other things I’m thinking about, but I realised I always slide to something fashion illustration-like, so I think learning more about human body and face totally won’t hurt.

And…I need to get a desktop easel and organise my space better..and get something for storing paper and materials. Biiig plans, but I’m not sure I’ll have time to think about it before the next weekend comes. Sometimes it feels like I’m just living from one weekend to another. Not good. But I don’t feel like thinking about it now.





Once again. This time the living is easy, but not as much as when I was a student 🙂 However, these two-three weeks in July are probably the favourite time of the sociopathic part of me. No people, no calls, no emails. Almost everyone else is on vacation and I am just finishing my assignments, pack and go on the first of August.

Light and Petals

The first session this season, hopefully, not the last. Charming Jelena in the afternoon light and handfuls of white petals. It feels very good to be walking with the camera again. Despite my laziness and business, things finally happen and may be after almost three years in DK I’ll finally start doing what I once was dreaming of. Whatever it is there waiting around the corner, capturing beauty is a pleaser. And it’s all mine 🙂 Enjoy!

cozy routines

Autumn is passing by and I never have my good camera when I need it.

This autumn is different, for the first time in years I’m not in a crazy rush or in some study depression). I started going to a watercolour course. It’s quite an experience, probably, mostly because it’s all in Danish. Feel a bit like an alien, but people seem to be nice, so I guess I did everything right=). I don’t have anything decent to show yet, but I hope in some weeks my skills will improve.

It’s so nice to sit and write something not academic-related. Or flip through the summer pictures. Oh…summer.

Thank you, September, for being so nice. Hope we’ll get some nice sunny days in October and I’ll walk the town with the camera. Love colours).


Now, some routine pics of my cozy life as a 15-hours/week employee.


Long time no words in my press. Time is dripping, it’s already end of March and I still can’t make up my mind about anything. No news. I look at old pictures and wonder why nothing happens. Today I especially want to travel in time and visit some days which were so special. Like this one, August, 9, 2011. No stress whatsoever. My beautiful friend, heat, white sand and a nice breeze.