I just wanted to say that my idea of beauty is getting sort of broader, more inclusive. Maybe it is because I am getting more experience as a viewer, see hundreds of images every day. Or maybe I’m finally growing up and getting more accepting about imperfections. I think it’s a combination, but it doesn’t really matter, I just feel good about it.

I see (or, more precisely, notice) so many beautiful, inspiring people lately, it gets me feel elated and optimistic. I am not so focused solely on this one “standard of beauty” any more, I even feel more confident about my own appearance. I still enjoy the magazine type looks a lot, no doubt about it, but I also appreciate much more the character, charisma, the story behind.

These past months have been very eventful for me, I met many interesting people, worked hard, experimented a bit, saw great places, pushed the limits a little. And right now I feel very alive. I really hope to keep this feeling and move forward. I want to be stronger, more focused and confident, stand up for myself and enjoy the life in all its facets 🙂

The pictures below are the scanned pages of my sketchbook where I was drawing for about a month this summer. This is my first bigger sketchbook project 🙂 I am planning to get a few of these images printed on textiles (tshirts and silk scarfs).

Хотела отметить , что для меня как-то сдвинулось и расширилось личное понятие красоты, я стала терпимее и внимательнее, что ли. Наверное, это можно назвать опытом, я вижу сотни  изображений каждый день, отмечаю для себя что-то новое, стараюсь запоминать и систематизировать. А может я наконец взрослею и больше не так зацикливаюсь на  журнальных типажах. Скорей всего, это и то, и другое, это даже не важно, мне просто нравится это ощущение.

Теперь я вижу (точнее будет сказать замечаю) очень много красивых людей, это придает мне сил и оптимизма двигаться дальше. Я больше не замыкаюсь только на журнальных-подиумных типажах, мне стал интереснее характер, история, харизма.

Последние несколько месяцев я много экспериментировала, общалась, работала, ездила, ошибалась. И на сегодняшний день чувствую себя очень живой. Мне очень хочется удержать это ощущение и продолжить работу над собой. Быть увереннее, сильнее, уметь постоять за себя и просто наслаждаться жизнью 🙂

Картинки – cерия портретов из скетчбука, в котором рисовала около месяца. Это мой первый более или менее цельный блокнотный проект. Некоторые рисунки планирую напечатать на текстиле.

How to use references?

Recently I’ve seen a drawn copy of a photo I pinned to one of my boards on Pinterest, and then I’ve seen more pictures like this. It made me think about references in general. Just a quick note for those who are not sure what a reference is. A reference in art is an object, often a photograph, used for getting the details like anatomy, lighting, colour etc. right in the drawing/painting. Ideally, an artist should be able to draw “from head”, and some people are strictly against using references. But I think it is all right to use them in order to get a more realistic image – a bit of help to get the shape right. Quite often I have an idea of what I want to paint/draw in my head, and then I start looking for a suitable image to use as a reference, quite often I have a particular pose in mind, or an object.

What I am against of is making a copy of a beautiful photograph one saw on Pinterest, for example. I don’t think it’s real art then, because the photographer has already done all the work: found the light, made composition. Making a copy is more of artisan, not a real artist. But sometimes it is really hard to resist “copying” something, when the picture you’ve seen is so cool, I’ve tried it myself 🙂 I think then it’s a good idea to add something of your own to it, supplement with a new character/element, tell a bit different story, use other colours. Maybe even though it’s not 100% yours then, it’s still have your individuality in it.

I am a big fan of Pinterest, but now I think I’ll be using it less for references and more for recipes and cool things for the décor 🙂 Where to get the references then? Magazines, commercials, movie screenshots, pictures from your vacation, just what you see around you. I think it’s not even the question of where you get your references from, it’s about how you work with them. Do you copy it all, or just get that one line you were not sure about, or that combination of colous that you haven’t thought of before.. there are many ways. I’m trying to use the pictures I take myself more. I’ve collected quite a lot of material while travelling, and now even on a usual weekday try to have a little camera with me, who knows what I’m going to come across.

These watercolors are based on the pictures I took on my last trip in Asia, one with my phone and another with the camera. Trying to do “art” of a snapshot is quite an exercise, makes you think 🙂

lille Danmark

I tend to choose very Danish topics for my paintings lately 🙂 I love this little cozy country and its towns and nature, so no wonder. The house in the dunes is from somewhere by the west coast. Sometimes these houses are hiding in the dunes and you can see them only from above – very practical, I guess, it creates a shelter from the wind. But my painted house is very brave and stands on the top of the dunes, open to the wind (and it can get very strong over there). The building is from Aarhus – second largest city in Denmark where I spend a weekend not so long time ago. Drudenfuss, the café in this building, is very nice – recommended 🙂

I realised I didn’t have many landscapes to show and some people were asking a bit, so I almost worked according to the demand this time 🙂 Painting architecture is quite soothing when you are not in a hurry. When you are, it can be quite stressful and tedious: imagine taking care of all those little windows, for example. Natural landscapes are different, there you can just fly and ply more with the paint, not be restricted by the straight lines – very therapeutic. But my most favourite subject will always be people, or women, to be more precise, never get tired of human face and body.

We had another long weekend in DK and this time I had pretty much all the time in the world to draw, cook, clean, do a bit of sports, and even go out (yay!), so I feel very satisfied (and quite tired as well). I painted and drew a few pieces in the last couple of days, so I still have some things to show:)

Urban inspiration


The last couple of weeks I’ve been sketching pretty much only buildings and streets. I tried some easy sketching with a liner, some watercolour sketching and a more full-paint work, too. They are all here. The motives are very Danish, they are buildings from Aalborg and Copenhagen. The simple sketch is just a city, I guess. And after my small trip to Hamburg at the weekend, I feel it is more Hamburg for me, somehow.

It is so good to look at something new from time to time. I just feel so much fresher, and more awake. I guess, some people will call it inspiration – feeling awake and more sensitive to the surroundings. When I am at a new place I just suddenly get ideas for what I want to paint, for example. I almost feel the need to write some thoughts down ( now got a tiny notebook for them). And I also notice things, feel a bit more focused. So it could be a cool thing to be doing weekend getaways slightly more often – maybe once every second month.

But this time I also traveled with two friends, and these ladies were making me think and notice even more 🙂 I took quite a few pictures of them, both with my camera and my phone. There are a few quite good portraits. I didn’t have time to edit the pictures, but after this trip I feel I miss photography. Maybe will take some more portraits this season, I think I am more or less certain about my tastes and expectations since recently.

And the last observation: trains are magic. It felt very good this time – no rush and airport security check stress, more space and possibility to stand up and walk around a little – and it arrives to the very center of the city! Trains are fantastic 🙂

По-русски ниже


Background is very important in watercolour painting, it often makes the main object to stand out or just makes the composition really balanced. Background is also a very difficult part in watercolour 🙂 I think I am still not hitting the sweet spot when I can lean back and say looking at it that it’s exactly how i want it – not too dark, not too pale, simple, but at the same time exquisite – sounds like mission impossible, right? 🙂

I watched another watercolour webinar this weekend and now feel like I’ll just take a good piece of paper and will experiment with flowing paint untill I like it more and feel more confident. I also feel like I could use a new brush or two and try different paper – so I’ve got quite a shopping list for my trip to Hamburg next weekend – will show the treasures, if i find some.

I also got an idea about how to show Denmark in my little buildings project, tried some tonight, will try some more 🙂

Feeling accepted is important for most of the people, especially, for the creatives I think. So ending of the last week felt like magic 🙂 I am a bit afraid to hex it, so it will be my little secret, hopefully only for a couple of weeks. It feels good and I think it found the way into my artworks – here you go, very happy kids. Painting mimics is a big topic ^^

Фон в акварели очень важен, он очень хорошо подчеркивает объект внимания, уравновешивает композицию и еще выполняет массу полезных функций. Фон в акварели – очень сложная часть, по крайней мере для меня. Очень редко у меня пока выходит попасть в яблочко, когда я смотрю на работу и понимаю – самое то. Нужно, чтобы было не слишком светло, и не слишком темно, и чтобы краска красиво плыла, и чтобы было просто и в то же время изысканно. В общем, миссия пока невыполнима 🙂

Я посмотрела вебинар Калачевой на выходных и восхитилась в очередной раз, как же у нее здорово получается. Так что, чувствую, возьму я хороший лист бумаги и буду тренироваться только с фигурными заливками, пока не набью руку на красивые фоны. Еще мне не хватает пары кистей с острым кончиком – хочу одну потолще и тонкую синтетику попробовать. У меня прямо список покупок собрался для поездки в Гамбург на этих выходных. Если охота получится удачной – похвастаюсь.

Еще мне начала придумывать продолжение моего проектика с домиками из разных стран – Дания почему-то ставила меня в какой-то тупик.

Ну и наконец, из последнего: признание вызывает замечательные эмоции 🙂 пока боюсь сглазить, надеюсь, через пару недель будет понятнее. Пока только скажу, что в лишний раз убедилась, что честность – самый лучший подход к любой непонятной ситуации. Видимо, мое хорошее настроение просочилось в мою акварель – вот вам девчонок-хохотушек: мимика в рисунке – отдельная тема.

Ozon and ink

Ink and watercolour go quite well together. It also feels almost like meditation – paint without a sketch, see where the shapes are going to lead you and then putting accents with this thick dark liquid. This is how I got this sakura branches. First I was a bit hesitant and applied ink only on top or dry watercolour layer, but then I figured on the way that it is more fun to not wait till it dries and just go ahead – I filmed a few seconds, this is how it looks in action, so to say. Very satisfying. And then I sketched this lady very quickly, I guess she has a story to tell. There will be more artworks coming in this technique; I’m very into it.

I also went to see a new movie by François Ozon (”Frantz”) on Friday – totally loved it. I like stories and unexpected turns. The action will seem a bit slow to someone, but I just loved it. And the visuals too! Eva (my friend who volunteers in that cinema) said that she could get me a poster, would be so cool 🙂

It’s been a very good week and a weekend, but I feel so exhausted – probably it is the sun I am totally not used to, or my small allergy. Either way, I am planning to be in bed before ten tonight 🙂 Have a good evening, everyone.

Чернила и акварель очень даже дружат. Медитировала с этим материалом на выходных. Очень здорово рисовать сразу начистую без предварительного рисунка и просто смотреть, куда тебя поведет, а потом расставлять акценты тушью. Сначала я немного боялась и рисовала тушью только по сухому, а потом решила рискнуть и не пожалела – очень славно плывет ^^ Я записала малюсенькое видео про цветочки – смотреть здесь. Мне нравится это ощущение. А потом еще быстро нарисовала эту мадам – уверена, ей есть о чем нам рассказать 🙂

В пятницу посмотрела последний фильм Озона, «Франц». Мне очень понравился. Хорошая история, интересные повороты, красивая картинка. Кому-то покажется, что действие движется слишком медленно, но я люблю такое. Ева (моя подруга, которая работает в кинотеатре) сказала, что может достать мне постер, было бы круто.

Хорошая неделя, насыщенные выходные, и я просто валюсь с ног. Наверное, это солнышко, от которого я порядком отвыкла, или моя просыпающаяся аллергия. Так или иначе, планирую ложиться сегодня в детское время 🙂 Всем доброго вечера.

new experiences

In December I got an interesting experience – gave my first real interview. Kristian Rafn and Byens Film Akademi are trying to help creative people to get some exposure and exhibit in their space in Dronninglund. I feel lucky I met them (thank you P. and A.):) It is a bit scary to stand in front of the camera and talk to it, when it remembers/records everything and is not really saying anything back, so I felt a bit shy and too exposed. On top of everything, a cold played an ill joke on my voice – so I felt a bit unprepared. But I think it actually turned out quite well. I really value this experience, now I know that there is nothing really scary/painful about it and I think if I have a similar opportunity in the future, I will feel more comfortable. For now, I get very positive feedback from my friends and it feels very encouraging, plus, I’ve got a bit of marketing material for myself – a very pleasant bonus. Thank you all 🙂

From of the latest news: I’ve started teaching watercolour and drawing to a 10-year old girl. Another curious experience – I am amused. It is a fun challenge for me, and it feels quite rewarding, too. I think I will write more on this topic in the future.

В декабре мне довелось познакомиться с ребятами, которые пытаются помочь творческим людям, и мы вместе записали небольшое интервью. Было страшно и волнительно: немного неуютно говорить в камеру, которая внимательно слушает, все запоминает и в то же время не говорит ни слова. Плюс моя простуда изрядно посадила мне голос, нy да ладно. Мне кажется, я все равно более или менее справилась. В следующий раз буду знать, что ничего страшного в этом нет, никто не кусается, и буду вести себя расслабленнее. А пока, друзья реагируют позитивно, и мне очень приятно. И теперь у меня есть немного видеоматериала, что тоже очень полезно для продвижения 🙂

Из последних новостей: начала преподавать акварель и рисунок 10-ти летней девочке. Очень интересный опыт – по-своему не просто, но мне очень нравится планировать уроки и придумывать задания, я думаю, еще вернусь к этой теме.

fluffy times

For the second time now, I’ve got a question if I’d like to try teaching a kid to draw and paint. I am very flattered, of course. It also made me think what kind of books I’d like to check, what references would be suitable for that age, how to communicate with a kid (well, my teaching english was looooooong ago).
And then I was thinking of a nice and quick – and at the same time christmassy motive for my evening meditation. Actually, this time I had a quite long break from watercolour and had time to think. Ideation almost always takes longer time than realisation, right? But luckily thinking does not always have to take place on paper – so I had some time commuting etc.
So, a round and fluffy ball of feathers:

easy – check

quick – check

fun – check

rewarding – check

christmassy – check.

And a good exercise to try painting with a child – It’s a winner 🙂


Ко мне во второй раз обратились с вопросом, хотела бы я попробовать давать уроки рисования маленькой девочке. Тоже мне, Джейн Эйр 😀 Но я, конечно же, задумалась: какие книжки посмотреть, что рисовать, как общаться – мое преподавание английского в далеком прошлом.

Ну, и я как обычно была в поиске идей для рисунков. В этот раз получился довольно большой перерыв, и было время подумать – времени в транспорте я провожу нынче довольно много.

Короче, я додумалась до птички – жирный комок перьев. Отличная мысль, по-моему: легко, быстро, весело и по-новогоднему. И, пожалуй, неплохо порисовать с ребенком 🙂


tea and christmas carols

Somehow lately most of my small trips get quite clear themes – probably I get a bit more focused with age. This time it was all about tea and christmas songs (and good company, no doubt about it). I attanded Tutti’s choir’ christmas concert twice the same evening – well, the locations were different and I haven’t grown up in this culture, and for some reason now I can relate better when I hear it – definitely a bonus 🙂

Tea was wonderful. I think I learned quite a lot this weekend – about the tea ceremony, tiny pots and cups and perks and joys of running a cafe. Now I am thinking a lot about the interior and lighting solutions, business models, promotion and overall communication. It is not all just romantic, but I think it is really interesting and very creative. And it is fun to see how shop owners from the same street talk to each other and help out at times. Definitely a new experience for me. And now some of my prints are hanging there – does it count as a small exhibition? 🙂 I even got contacts to a couple of shops who could be interested in selling my art (from a sweet lady, shop owner next-door). I somehow feel much more outgoing lately, a very productive weekend overall ^^

The picture inspiration comes from the
window exhibition of that friendly lady’s shop. I like hot air balloons, almost as much as tea and cats 🙂 I think the Christmas motif also somehow sneaked in – little spoon angels. And yes, it is raining (tea), because we are in DK, and white Christmas would be a miracle.


Эти выходные получились про чай и рождественские гимны. Вообще последнее время поездки у меня выходят какие-то тематические, может, с годами становится проще сосредоточиться? 🙂 Была на концерте хора Тутти, аж вдажды за вечер. Ничего, повторенье – мать ученья, все равно не развито во мне это ощущение рождественского волшебства, так что теперь когда слышу знакомые мелодии на улице, как-то приятнее.

Чай был прекрасен 🙂 Довольно много узнала о чайной церемонии, чайничках и чашечках, а еще о том, как приходится владельцам нового кафе. Теперь все думаю про освещение и интерьер, как развиваться, продвигаться и общаться. Очень интересно, хоть и не просто. И теперь, ко всему прочему, несколько моих принтов висят у них – это можно считать маленькой выставкой?:)

Ну и картинка про соседний магазинчик с красивой витриной, кучей приятнейших безделушек и дружелюбной хозяйкой. Воздушные шары я люблю почти так же сильно, как кошек и чай 🙂

Rainy mood

Seems like Danish rain has grown on me. It was wonderful summer weather here for more than two weeks, and I realized I miss cooler temperature, clouds and even rain – have no idea what’s wrong with me. Now it’s raining all day and the temperature dropped, so I miss sunshine – hard to be me 😀

In this rainy mood I experimented a bit with watercolor – put a thin wash and tried to combine ink and paint, I really like the result. It is fun to work in one layer with no sketch underneath. A bit nervous procedure, because it’s easier to mess up, but the result is worth the stress. And yes, it turned into another picture from the series about Mew-san and her cat ^.^

mew rain

I like the technique and consider trying to make a few posters in this style.