Rainy mood

Seems like Danish rain has grown on me. It was wonderful summer weather here for more than two weeks, and I realized I miss cooler temperature, clouds and even rain – have no idea what’s wrong with me. Now it’s raining all day and the temperature dropped, so I miss sunshine – hard to be me 😀

In this rainy mood I experimented a bit with watercolor – put a thin wash and tried to combine ink and paint, I really like the result. It is fun to work in one layer with no sketch underneath. A bit nervous procedure, because it’s easier to mess up, but the result is worth the stress. And yes, it turned into another picture from the series about Mew-san and her cat ^.^

mew rain

I like the technique and consider trying to make a few posters in this style.

Light and Petals

The first session this season, hopefully, not the last. Charming Jelena in the afternoon light and handfuls of white petals. It feels very good to be walking with the camera again. Despite my laziness and business, things finally happen and may be after almost three years in DK I’ll finally start doing what I once was dreaming of. Whatever it is there waiting around the corner, capturing beauty is a pleaser. And it’s all mine 🙂 Enjoy!

cozy routines

Autumn is passing by and I never have my good camera when I need it.

This autumn is different, for the first time in years I’m not in a crazy rush or in some study depression). I started going to a watercolour course. It’s quite an experience, probably, mostly because it’s all in Danish. Feel a bit like an alien, but people seem to be nice, so I guess I did everything right=). I don’t have anything decent to show yet, but I hope in some weeks my skills will improve.

It’s so nice to sit and write something not academic-related. Or flip through the summer pictures. Oh…summer.

Thank you, September, for being so nice. Hope we’ll get some nice sunny days in October and I’ll walk the town with the camera. Love colours).


Now, some routine pics of my cozy life as a 15-hours/week employee.

to fit a lot in a few lines

I’m back again. This time it’s been incredibly long. What a trivial intro.

Anyway, within these last few months I’ve done a lot and ‘ve seen a lot. Seems like I became a bit less lazy, less shy. I finished my education (two days ago, actually, yey!),  became more confident about my Danish, and tried to follow the phase a friend told me not so long ago: “Life is enjoying the process”.

I went to some beautiful places.

I have a lot to say and a lot to show. But I’ll try to take one step at a time, and will start from the end.

Milano felt like a fashionable frying pan where my friend and I were being stewed for three exciting days this august. Probably, we belong to some sort of masochists, but the process was very much enjoyed. After coming back home I realized that I’ve never taken so many pictures of the shop windows when traveling. “But why do you sound surprised, dear? It’s Milano”, you’ll probably tell me.


Long time no words in my press. Time is dripping, it’s already end of March and I still can’t make up my mind about anything. No news. I look at old pictures and wonder why nothing happens. Today I especially want to travel in time and visit some days which were so special. Like this one, August, 9, 2011. No stress whatsoever. My beautiful friend, heat, white sand and a nice breeze.


One morning you wake up and see that the world is frozen. Now you rush. You skip the breakfast, shuffle on a scarf and a hat that you blindly grope in the closet so they make a hideous match with your pajamas’ trousers and a hoodie on top (Anna called my great homy outfits “Smilla’s” and she had a point) You breathe in cooled to -13 air and breathe out something close to zero, your hands in cut gloves get numb. Your neighbors look at you and think  they’ve got something to discuss at afternoon tea. You get frozen like the world around you but feel that you’re already not absolutely useless today).


This autumn is like a roundabout. Dizzy. Misleading, full of wrong coincidences, false expectations, people, weariness and depression. Not sure I’d have a courage to live through another one like this. But world is so incredibly beautiful and some people are so crazily charming that I get lost and have this never-leaving me feeling that I should hurry to keep up with this world. To hurry to catch the tail of this slipping away beauty. Need to see more, to feel with a greater intense, otherwise there is no point. No point at all.

what girls like

I’m not a sophisticated human being. Very simple things can make me happy, very girly things, actually. Sweets, oh, I adore chocolate, happy-looking accessorizes (funny hats and socks), delicious food, seeing something growing (my basilicum and coriander on the window sill, for ex.), when I give something to people and I know that’s exactly what they like, his arms…many things. And it’s so nice to be a not sophisticated human being from time to time; otherwise I have no idea how to feel good.