what girls like

I’m not a sophisticated human being. Very simple things can make me happy, very girly things, actually. Sweets, oh, I adore chocolate, happy-looking accessorizes (funny hats and socks), delicious food, seeing something growing (my basilicum and coriander on the window sill, for ex.), when I give something to people and I know that’s exactly what they like, his arms…many things. And it’s so nice to be a not sophisticated human being from time to time; otherwise I have no idea how to feel good.


…and the livin’ is easy.

Ah..vacation, the time every student is so looking forward to. Plans, expectations, great opportinities to use the time the way you want. Yey! I’m one of those lucky bastards students who have loads of spare good time for…taking pictures and doing small art. Viva la vida en  Vacaciones!

These days I’m strongly attracted to pieces, fragments, beads, and mosaics. Weekend trip to Skagen and a spontaneous visit to the local Bolcheriet (oh, it smells heavenly in this candy shop!!) became inspiration for this little summer entry.

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