I just wanted to say that my idea of beauty is getting sort of broader, more inclusive. Maybe it is because I am getting more experience as a viewer, see hundreds of images every day. Or maybe I’m finally growing up and getting more accepting about imperfections. I think it’s a combination, but it doesn’t really matter, I just feel good about it.

I see (or, more precisely, notice) so many beautiful, inspiring people lately, it gets me feel elated and optimistic. I am not so focused solely on this one “standard of beauty” any more, I even feel more confident about my own appearance. I still enjoy the magazine type looks a lot, no doubt about it, but I also appreciate much more the character, charisma, the story behind.

These past months have been very eventful for me, I met many interesting people, worked hard, experimented a bit, saw great places, pushed the limits a little. And right now I feel very alive. I really hope to keep this feeling and move forward. I want to be stronger, more focused and confident, stand up for myself and enjoy the life in all its facets 🙂

The pictures below are the scanned pages of my sketchbook where I was drawing for about a month this summer. This is my first bigger sketchbook project 🙂 I am planning to get a few of these images printed on textiles (tshirts and silk scarfs).

Хотела отметить , что для меня как-то сдвинулось и расширилось личное понятие красоты, я стала терпимее и внимательнее, что ли. Наверное, это можно назвать опытом, я вижу сотни  изображений каждый день, отмечаю для себя что-то новое, стараюсь запоминать и систематизировать. А может я наконец взрослею и больше не так зацикливаюсь на  журнальных типажах. Скорей всего, это и то, и другое, это даже не важно, мне просто нравится это ощущение.

Теперь я вижу (точнее будет сказать замечаю) очень много красивых людей, это придает мне сил и оптимизма двигаться дальше. Я больше не замыкаюсь только на журнальных-подиумных типажах, мне стал интереснее характер, история, харизма.

Последние несколько месяцев я много экспериментировала, общалась, работала, ездила, ошибалась. И на сегодняшний день чувствую себя очень живой. Мне очень хочется удержать это ощущение и продолжить работу над собой. Быть увереннее, сильнее, уметь постоять за себя и просто наслаждаться жизнью 🙂

Картинки – cерия портретов из скетчбука, в котором рисовала около месяца. Это мой первый более или менее цельный блокнотный проект. Некоторые рисунки планирую напечатать на текстиле.

Galerie de Legulie – my Facebook page :)

Yes, it’s not even been a year and I decided to make a Facebook page for my little art 🙂 The plan is that it will be a place where I post pictures I paint/draw, share my Instagram updates and interesting things I learn without spamming from my private page. So, welcome to Galerie de Legulie  I am a bit excited ^^

And the printer and I are ready to make a poster on watercolour paper out of any of my paintings – the quality is very good. Today I got it confirmed one more time that prints look very authentic 🙂 Lust let me know 😉

And dreams come true, I planed a little magnolia in my garden – really made my day, or maybe my month 😀 Her name is Lucie ^^

Не прошло и года, и я решилась наконец сделать страничку на фэйсбуке для своих рисунков. Galerie de Legulie  – прошу любить и жаловать 🙂 Надеюсь, там будет много обновлений и каляк-маляк, всего того, чем я не особенно решаюсь спамить свою личную страничку. Ну и, конечно же, мы с принтером готовы распечатать любую картинку в виде постера на акварельной бумаге. Разница практически не видна, лишний раз в этом сегодня убедилась – качество на удивление 🙂

И мечты сбываются – я посадила магнолию в своем маленьком саду, made my day, что называется – очень счастлива. Назвали Люси 🙂

asian girls and cats

Well, that’s not new information, but somehow I’m very fond of the ways asian girls look and I love cats. And trying my new (now favorite) brush, I realized that it’s a lot of fun to paint in one layer with no pencil drawing underneath. So this is what I’ve been doing a bit. Maybe I’ll try to make a small series of these cute ladies in different seasons.

A funny observation about asian girls: when I commented on a nice skirt my Chinese colleague was wearing, she said that she likes it, but it’s not beautiful, it’s just cute. And then she went on about how asian girls like looking cute, and beautiful is something about european girls. And now I’m thinking, about cuteness, is it really something in the same line with beauty or it’s just a sort of different quality?


This autumn is like a roundabout. Dizzy. Misleading, full of wrong coincidences, false expectations, people, weariness and depression. Not sure I’d have a courage to live through another one like this. But world is so incredibly beautiful and some people are so crazily charming that I get lost and have this never-leaving me feeling that I should hurry to keep up with this world. To hurry to catch the tail of this slipping away beauty. Need to see more, to feel with a greater intense, otherwise there is no point. No point at all.

what girls like

I’m not a sophisticated human being. Very simple things can make me happy, very girly things, actually. Sweets, oh, I adore chocolate, happy-looking accessorizes (funny hats and socks), delicious food, seeing something growing (my basilicum and coriander on the window sill, for ex.), when I give something to people and I know that’s exactly what they like, his arms…many things. And it’s so nice to be a not sophisticated human being from time to time; otherwise I have no idea how to feel good.


Aubergines are probably the prettiest vegetables. This summer at home I was eating mommy’s divine ragout and these guys are the main ingredient there. So, the other day we were in Lidl and I saw it on sale – didn’t manage to control myself. Now we have this beauty home. May be it’s not very ethical to take pictures of something you are planning to cook and eat the next day, but c’est la vie, natural selection. Even though it’s probably difficult for vegetables to compete with humans.

I’m very tired and bored in my mind today, so sexy aubergine sounds like a just right subject. Why sexy? Look at this feminine, almost Rubens’ shape. It’s definitely a she.

I’m planning to make this yummy stew and if I don’t fail the result will be shared, recipe attached 🙂

Hope to get more sociable in a couple of days and show some cozy pictures from this summer.

Hold on.