Multiple brands and consistency

It’s time to slow down a bit, I’m at home on a Friday night with a tremendous cold. My every move is echoing as ache in my head, so it’s better not to make any sharp movements.

I had a small anxiety about what I do – do I want to be an artist or do I want to go more commercial, do I do design, or do I paint? It is a bit hard to room all those styles and directions as one person, and it’s a common belief that consistency is important and good for business. So it looked like a problem to me.

Last night, I got quite a relief. I was listening to a new podcast with Anna Radchenko – it has only one episode so far, with a Russian photographer Roman Machmutov, who moved to New York some years ago. Photograpy is not my primary interest right now, but this guy had some very valuable things to say about art and commerce. The thought I took home with me is this: you can have more than one brand, you as a person and what you do do not have to be identical, you can do both art and commerce at the same time, just do it separately. Roman works at least in three different directions, has three brands: one brings money, the other two – moral satisfaction. It is a very simple thought, but somehow I couldn’t articulate it for myself. I have watercolour, I have more graphic “cool” stuff, I have children illustration, I still want to do photography from time to time. They are many things and I’m not that stupid to think I can do it all at the same time, but I hope I’ll be able to have some structure and test the directions in their more pure form, not mixing things up too much. Mixing can confuse the viewer 🙂

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