Children Illustration

In August I watched a webinar about children illustration prepared by a talented Russian artist Alexandra Balasheva. I’ve got very inspired by her work and personality and decided to try to do something in this genre myself. The whole August I was quite busy and to tell the truth, quite stressed as well, writing one proposal, so I didn’t have time or energy for something big. Same month I came across a water-colour block in postcard format and bought it, of course.

So to release some stress and just get to do a bit of what I love, I tried to paint something kids-styled. It turned out very satisfying, as the small format didn’t take much time and for me children illustration became a genre, where, “it’s hard to mess up”, so to say 🙂 It just works out..and the bright colours boost the mood a little.

Playing with shapes and proportions became another fun part of my mini-project. It’s not something new, you obviously are allowed to do whatever you like with the reality on a white sheet, but before watching that material, I simply hadn’t given it enough thought 🙂 I love trees and water, and here, you can show it in so many, totally unrealistic, but still recognisable ways. To cut it short – I’m excited.

So in the last month, in-between writing and reading, I’ve made a small collection of postcards. Today, I needed a bit longer meditation session, so I made a 24×32 cm (the one with a lighthouse). It’s my first bigger thematic project, that started somehow unplanned, but left me quite happy ^.^

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