ice1Recently I found out that paper is the most important thing in watercolour painting. No matter how good you are, you’ll almost never like what you’ve done on cheap paper (omg, is it me saying it?:) I’ve heard other people saying it before, but I thought I knew better. So I finally fought my stinginess and bought Windsor & Newton coldpressed block. Well, 10 kr per a4 sheet, I’m in tears…of joy ^^. It doesn’t dry too quickly, so I can add colour without getting sharp edges, it tolerates as many layers as I’d like to put, it even doesn’t look dirty when I’m trying to wash something off. Windsor & Newton, be my Valentine 😀

Another thing I was successfully ignoring for quite a while was a good natural hair paint brush. I was loosing temper quite a few times when I couldn’t get the line right, – especially when I was finishing a piece and it was something like eyelashes or other small details. Apparently, clumsiness like this is quite successfully cured by a good brush. The trick is in the sharp tip – it has to point well. A weekend of discoveries.

So I was testing my nice new things, and it turned out literally quite sweet 🙂doughnut

And.. I ordered a couple of books at the library and try to create a habit of reading at least an hour a day, so I’m not just fluent, but very good. Besides, I’d really like to be able to keep my focus longer, my social media addiction scares me a bit. And talking to Nastasia on Skype today I realised that learning a new language every five years could be a very nice and useful thing to do. Maybe one day I’ll be speaking French then ^.^




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  1. Thank you 🙂 very nice to hear that I could help a bit ^^ I realised I feel more comfortable experimenting on smaller format – I just cut big arches in a2 or so. Don’t feel so guilty screwing up if it happens. Some psychological trick that works well 🙂

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