Just scrap it

We’ve all experienced it: trying to save some time and by this wasting even more. With me it happens quite often when I am trying to fix a painting or a drawing. I can quite clearly see that it’s not going anywhere and I’m still in denial, I just want it fixed. I can spend hours to come to the conclusion that is latently in my head from the very start, I just try to ignore it. It is quite clear to me now that the most efficient and eventually least painful way out is to discard and start over. I think this principle is applicable to quite many life situations, some things and situations just cannot be fixed, you need to scrap them, start over, reset. But it’s an art blog, so let’s talk about drawing 🙂
One of the recent examples – I was preparing the files for print on silk (made a couple of small square scarves); I decided on two variants – yes, these ones. The clown option went quite smooth for me and I felt right about it, but the initial version of the portrait with blue was bothering me. I could see I could proportion it better, I saw that extending the blue area in photoshop is ok, but the result was still not satisfying. I don’t know how many hours I spent trying to fix it before I made a decision to start over. Re-doing it took me less than three hours – improving something is often easier than developing an idea from scratch, I often forget about it. I felt kind of stupid wasting almost a whole weekend fixing something that actually was unfixable, but I think i finally learned my lesson. Now I feel better about just stopping on doing something that is getting out of hand and starting from the blank page again. It is a funny brain mechanism I guess, but thinking by doing is much more productive (at least for me). Yes, doing a very schematic sketch for composition and colors is always a good idea, but it is also a good idea not to be afraid and use good materials, and start the actual artwork, and working on details, and sending it to the garbage bin, if you feel the next one will be times better.