I have a friend Alina, who owns a print house in my home town, Rostov-on-Don  it’s a great little enterprise. Alina was very patient with me, so she helped me to get a few things printed. I was meeting my mom in Prague last weeek, who was very kind to agree to work as a private carrier)) As a result, I have postcards, stickers, a few small posters and even my own business cards  I’m very excited ^^ 

This time it was a sort of trial and I learned a lot about how to get things printed nicely (Alina, again, thank you for your patience)). I will use the samples I’ve got as references for the future adjustments, but I’m more than happy already)) I also got a small set of stamp-like stickers as a surprise  what a great Easter break ^.^

So, what do we have here:
– 60 different postcards (with a nice silk-touch coating )
– 10+ types of stickers
– 6 types of a5 prints
– limited amount of sticker “stamps”
– and my cards that I can print with me next time I present my work 

The main tips I can list are:

  • always prepare images in CMYK, it Really makes a difference
  • do not use png, even though it has a transparent background on your screen it can turn out visible on your prints
  • for things like postcards, make sure the dimensions of the image fit the format of the cards you chose
  • turn all the text in pdf files (if exported from inDesign, for example) into outlines – otherwise you cannot be sure about the spaces between the letters.
  • make a thorough brief on what you actually want to be done, otherwise, you’ll spend a Lot of time writing back and forth
  • make up your mind about everything before you order prints 😀

The number of copies is small, but again, this time it was a sort of experiment, I’ll be ordering more