travel mode :)

Very busy at work. And recently, I’ve started getting orders, it feels encouraging 🙂 Now I can definitely see, that being a little active on social media and having a portfolio page makes sense. If everything goes well, I’ll soon get a nice reference – excited 🙂 

Another reason for excitement is my very quickly approaching trip to Asia. I haven’t been to that part of the world for two years now, so I simply cannot wait. The rough route is Thailand (Bangkok) – fly to Vietnam (Hanoi) – travel overland to Cambodia, hanging for a week on an island – continue to Thailand via my little beloved Trat back to Bangkok. Hope it will all work as planned ^^

I never leave my camera at home, but travelling only with hand luggage makes you make hard decisions 😀 So, as a(n expensive) compromise, I just got a tiny camera (sony rx100 3) – it took me a couple of months to decide on it, but today I realized that it’s now or never. So combined with a nice bike ride in the beautiful weather ( thank you, November), I became a happy owner of this little wonder, which is supposed to produce more or less the same picture quality as my Canon 600d, but fit into a lady bag :3 And another thing I’m planning to pick up to be light and mobile is a pocketable backpack at my favourite Uniqlo, really hope it will be in stock – I forgot to order it online, of course, and now it’s too late 🙂 So fingers crossed for all.

I will of course need to have some paper with me I can make dirty: three weeks is a long time and I think I really need to make some visual notes. Taking a box of paint and a watercolour block is a bit too much, plus I don’t know if I have time to finish pictures and storing them is a separate problem.

I’ll try to get by with a sketchbook, a small set of watercolour pencils and a set of ink liners. There are three main formats of sketchbooks I use. If I’m comfortably sitting at home, I prefer a bigger set of pencils, a bigger format (have I used the word “big” too many times already?? ) I think the ‘on air’ sketchbook is 21×15 cm, it’s my favourite for now. I also often use paint in my home sketches. The Moleskine notebook has quite thin paper, so I only do some inky sketches in it. If I had a porter, I’d take them all, maybe, except for the cactus. But I only have my shoulders, so I have to be selective. This time I’ll take the smallest and will just draw across two pages. The paper quality is good, so if I feel like adding some watercolour details later, it won’t be a problem. Here’s also a picture of how they look inside 🙂

When I was making a poster for an event and a poster for a Christmas present the past two weeks, I used quite a lot of time in my sketchbook before I took a bigger format. And even though I didn’t follow my initial ideas completely, sketching helped me to sort my thoughts a lot and make some important decisions – so, I’ve said it again – sketchbook is my favourite tool ^^


Just one technical drawing detail/tip to remember: I realized that it’s easier for me to draw bigger objects around smaller, and not the other way around. To give an example: the girl in glasses, it started working for me only after I drew the glasses first, and then the face around it. Or the couple on the couch, it’s much easier to draw the couch around the couple, and not vice versa.


Ok, I think I’m way too talkative tonight 🙂