kitchen garden pattern

Looks like I was taking a break from blogging. I didn’t stop painting, so there are a few updates on the front page, if you’re interested 🙂 I’ve been doing some digital drawing, and got a couple of sketchy portraits. I feel it is very useful, especially if I’m planning to be more serious about real design. I also tried to paint pastry, more landscapes, portraits and sketching of course. It’s nice to be able to find time for it.

Like I wrote on Instagram today, I had a little surgery experience a couple of days ago, so the weekend was spent very much indoors. I was complaining lately that I don’t get time for myself, so viola, all the time in the world, here you go 🙂 It was nice to do some tiding up and elementary laundry with zero stress of needing to run somewhere. I also finally spent more time on the online watercolour course I purchased a month ago. I’m trying to be consistent and follow the sequence (even though it is hard, I’m not a complete novice and get slightly bored), but patience pays off. I decided to make this exercise using only one colour and explore the shapes of my brushes and try to find the perfect match between the objects I was trying to paint (this time herbs from my kitchen garden), and the brush shapes. It worked better than I expected. Now I have a nice pattern for probably napkins and kitchen towels. A friend of mine said it looks like it is painted with tea, and mom thought of coffee – very kitchen topics anyways. So I’m glad I didn’t skip it, I think I’ve gotten quite a nice piece here. I also got some ideas about floral ornaments and how to make them. I think there will be more – the plan is to go out into the wild and pick some flowers like I did when I was little, and then sit down and have a closer look at the plants.

Hope you are having a nice summer 🙂