lille Danmark

I tend to choose very Danish topics for my paintings lately 🙂 I love this little cozy country and its towns and nature, so no wonder. The house in the dunes is from somewhere by the west coast. Sometimes these houses are hiding in the dunes and you can see them only from above – very practical, I guess, it creates a shelter from the wind. But my painted house is very brave and stands on the top of the dunes, open to the wind (and it can get very strong over there). The building is from Aarhus – second largest city in Denmark where I spend a weekend not so long time ago. Drudenfuss, the café in this building, is very nice – recommended 🙂

I realised I didn’t have many landscapes to show and some people were asking a bit, so I almost worked according to the demand this time 🙂 Painting architecture is quite soothing when you are not in a hurry. When you are, it can be quite stressful and tedious: imagine taking care of all those little windows, for example. Natural landscapes are different, there you can just fly and ply more with the paint, not be restricted by the straight lines – very therapeutic. But my most favourite subject will always be people, or women, to be more precise, never get tired of human face and body.

We had another long weekend in DK and this time I had pretty much all the time in the world to draw, cook, clean, do a bit of sports, and even go out (yay!), so I feel very satisfied (and quite tired as well). I painted and drew a few pieces in the last couple of days, so I still have some things to show:)