honey trip

Better late than never 🙂

My three weeks at home were lots of nice food, pleasant meetings and family time. I could feel that my last couple of times at home I was spending a bit too little time with my family, so this time, with the luxury of three weeks’ stay I decided to make sure that I get some real quality time with my most loved ones. Well, just staying in the city sounded a bit too ordinary, so we went to the mountains. There is a highland territory called Adygea with streams and forests just a few hours away from the place where my family lives, so we headed there for a weekend.
I love nature and mountains are my favourite landscape. We went hiking and swam a bit in the river (+16 C water feels Very refreshing when the air is almost +40 :D). Here are some pics.

There are many people who have bees and make honey in the region, so we brought quite a lot home (and I even smuggled almost a kilo to Denmark)) – that’s why I’ll remember this trip as a honey trip. I’ve even got an idea of drawing the map of the region as honeycombs with bees, but so far I only painted a bee with no map 🙂 Next time I’ll try to arrange a tip to the seaside.bee