sketching vacation

This summer I went home for almost 3 weeks, my longest continuous stay at home in the last 5 years. It was nice to spend time with the family. We went to the mountains and did a day-trip to a neighboring town. I have quite a few pictures, I will try to share some soon.

Being at home was nice, but I couldn’t really sit for hours with watercolour, too many things were going on almost all the time. So I just was sketching here and there 🙂 funny enough, sketching ideas were mostly coming from Pinterest and Instagram browsing than the surroundings, except for the bees maybe (our trip to the mountains turned out to be a real honey trip :).

Sketching more regularly in the same notebook made me realise that now I have some requirements to the quality of my sketchbook and some ideas about how I want to keep it. Well, first I need a real sketchbook with whiter and thicker paper. Yellowish paper doesn’t look nice when scanned and when it’s thin I have to be creative hiding the contents of the next page – it can be seen thin paper will totally not handle paint. I have a Moleskine notebook and I can see it’s not really meant for drawing..well, now I know 🙂 And another thing..I think it really makes sense to make thematic sketchbooks. As this one is my first, I’m blending everything together, but I now I see I somehow focus on a few topics, so I think I’ll need three: fashion, travel and probably creatures/objects. So soon I’ll start my perfect sketchbook hunt 🙂

These are quite obvious things, but somehow they were not clear for me before. Below are the pages from my Moleskine that got filled during the last three weeks (well, the ones I like most 🙂