liner and letter stamps


Sometimes I need a break from watercolour and then I turn to my sketchbook. These guys are from last night. I’ve got letter stamps in Tiger a long time ago and yesterday I finally got to use them. Funny effect 🙂
The dog is from Budapest. We ate breakfast a couple of times in a hipster-looking bakery. I figured this creature belongs to the owner, very sweet and super patient greyhound. Was just walking around and checking what the guests were doing..and eating ^^


cat-2I figured there are so many things I’d like to learn and do, I get really stressed to fit it all in my free time. I would like to follow another graphic design course, learn more about composition and fun technics, be sure when blending watercolor, learn more principles and combinations, play more in Illustrator, do vector. I would also like to take pictures, I miss it lately. And watch more movies. And I don’t want to sit all day and stare at the screen, or a sheet of paper. I’d like to be more in the fresh air, sleep enough and eat healthy. Oh! And see people sometimes, too! Yeah.

butterfly-2I think the way to do it will be stop trying doing it all at once. Now it’s summer, it’s warm, so I’ll be trying to get my fresh air. Maybe take some pictures outside too. And make a list of colours I need to bring from home, God save St Petersburg Watercolors 🙂 Yes, I’m going home in a couple of weeks for a record-long home summer vacation – three weeks of my mom’s cooking ^^

Did you know that to get a transparent beige – perfect base for creme-brulee ice-cream one needs to mix yellow and purple? 🙂


Rainy mood

Seems like Danish rain has grown on me. It was wonderful summer weather here for more than two weeks, and I realized I miss cooler temperature, clouds and even rain – have no idea what’s wrong with me. Now it’s raining all day and the temperature dropped, so I miss sunshine – hard to be me 😀

In this rainy mood I experimented a bit with watercolor – put a thin wash and tried to combine ink and paint, I really like the result. It is fun to work in one layer with no sketch underneath. A bit nervous procedure, because it’s easier to mess up, but the result is worth the stress. And yes, it turned into another picture from the series about Mew-san and her cat ^.^

mew rain

I like the technique and consider trying to make a few posters in this style.

where is the face?

It has been very busy spring – and a couple of days ago we woke up in summer. And against her bad habits, Denmark made it feel like real summer – very enjoyable 🙂


I’ve been working a lot recently, mostly in watercolour. There were many things to do,  so seems like my only updated account is Instagram (if someone is interested, I’m @legulie there). After the spring run I feel more confident about my skills and even Peter said I’m getting somewhere. The question is “where”, though 😀

I still have quite a few things to scan, will show slowly.

I realised I have something with faces, or, more precise, with their absence. When I look at my selfies and the watercolour girls I sketch, it is a seriously recurring topic ^^

Anyways, let’s start our summer.