easter break

geishaSo here you go, a bit sad and very unstable geisha wearing lots of colours. Was such a great meditation session to just sit and examine her costume, all those wonderful layers. Felt more like a kid who’s working on her colouring book, calms me down a lot.

Today I’ve got in an unusually tidy mood and went through the layers of clothes in my closets. I often think about getting lighter, being less dependent on things. I will never be a minimalist, but I’d like to be an essentialist – own enough for a comfortable life, but not more.

So I took some pictures of the nice things that were bought a bit too impulsively and put them on sale in a fb group. I also filled a quite big bag with old sweaters and other things for the secondhand container. Now if the girls take the stuff I offered them, my life will get a few kilos lighter.

wedding invitations

I’m getting an interesting experience making wedding invitations for my friend. It turned out to be tricky to make it look the way I want..and choose the right references..and fit the mood of the bride πŸ™‚ Β So far so good I have my first draft and several watercolor sketches I’m planning to use.Β Let’s see how it goes. magnolia

I am enrolled in graphic design course on coursera, and in the first week they are talking about images on an example of an apple πŸ™‚ well, they are doing all possible things with it: using halves for prints, put it into a scanner and photocopier, just draw/paint it with different materials and so on so forth. And now I have these lovely roses in my room, and of course I already put it in my scanner πŸ˜€ looks interesting (in a positive way ^^). And now while typing this I’ve got an even better idea, I’ll show next time, if it works out πŸ™‚