feather-lilYeah, no matter how independent we feel or want to be, being around other people brings us to a different level.

I didn’t really feel it so much before. And now I can definitely say that meeting those guys brightens my days, makes me think about the things I didn’t really bother to think about before, and just makes me less nervous in the company of humans. I noticed it at work, it is not so awkward for me to address people any more, I feel much more comfortable asking questions and just having an eye contact. Feels so much better.

Of course, this change has probably something to do with getting older and having a bit more of working experience. But I still think the reason I feel it so clearly now is you guys. Thank you, nice people, for making my days. Especially the ones, who like walking.



I have these small thoughts crowding in my head.

Like, dance as if nobody is watching you. And indeed, nobody really cares! And even if they do, they forget about you in half an hour max. We think about the others much more than they think about us.

Draw and sketch every day. Don’t just wait for inspiration, it is not going to suddenly come, when you are not really sure in your skills and basically don’t know what you can do. Mommy ordered a book writen by a Russian designer focusing on this idea. I am very looking forward to having it in my hands 🙂

And yes, a cliché, but so true: “work hard, play hard”. Seriously, just do what is important Now. Like yoga people are saying, be present in the present.

back to work

amsterdamLooks like this is the end of my funemployment. Officially start in two days, but already do some small things. Really hope that this time it is going to work well. I even got a new picture for my public profile 😀

It’s been a very nice first half of autumn, hope the other half won’t let me down.

I was thinking and thinking of a weekend getaway, but it didn’t really happen and now the only trip I expect is three days in Chisinau for a kickoff meeting 😀

And now..Laos: go or not to go? Why does it always have to be so complicated with people?

The picture is about how I like Amsterdam :).