I am a francophile, I am in love. Cannot do anything about it. The language, pastries, Paris, french girls, bohe
mian lifestyle. I just can’t find anything else more apealing.

Now, trying different water-colour techniques, I got a bit consumed by the idea of french girls in berets. I know, I know, it’s a clichĂ© and berets are not all that popular in France. But I just find this image really cute.

So, viva french girls in berets, their cups of coffee and cigarettes 🙂

hung over fish


I wish I could understand what people mean better. I never could do superficial acquaintances..either I don’t socialise or just get too personal and nice, apparently, so there are oftentimes stupid misunderstandings.


The fish is about this weekend. I am seldom hungover, but mixing white and red wine with many cocktails and little food does the thing.

I need a weekend getaway. Even Copenhagen will do. Just walk the streets I don’t walk every day and talk to some of my not-superficial acquaintances about the questions that bother me.

Peace and love to everyone.

Watercolour dancers

Talking to an old friend made me think a lot about dancing, movement, and watercolours. This whole summer I was struggling with the proportions of the human body and face. And now, finally, I think I’m getting there. The epiphany came on the 10th hour of the trip Aalborg-MĂĽnster. I just finally see it, it seems.

I found out it is a great exercise. Now I’m a bit more sure about the moves of my brush and know better how the paint behaves. I think I will slowly make a small collection of the postcards with the small ballet dancers on them. This study comes me down.
Now I just need to decide if I am sending one card or not.

Hello, September


septI feel like a little child again, not wanting the summer to be over – this light melancholy after three months of endless summer vacation, when you know that getting back at your desk is unavoidable. I haven’t felt this way for a while. And the last weeks of August for the first time in years I was walking around and thinking, god, I don’t want the summer to be over. I have this annoying feeling that something is slipping through my fingers.

Yes, September melancholy, I need to do something with you. That’s why Dasha and I are going to have a Skype date this weekend. With wine.