Colours of Barcelona

Colors of Barcelona

It is a magic city, I really envy people how are lucky to call it their hometown. I think it is impossible not to be inspired there. Every turn of the narrow street is a surprise. I will be coming back. I think there are places in the world, where you just need to go from time to time to recharge your life batteries. Barcelona is definitely one of those places 🙂



Black samurai tea.
Some weeks ago I was making myself a cup of tea. And with the first sip of it I instantly remembered many things from the last summer I thought I forgot, just because it was my favourite morning drink back then. People, stories, my feelings about a year ago.

Mint ice-cream. I first tasted it in Toronto Baskin-Robbins. Tae Eun bought it and I tried hers. I thought it tasted so bad. Yesterday I bought mint ice-cream myself and ate two portions 🙂 Now I also love mint chocolate, especially the mint collection from Benedicks that John gave me last time we were in Chisinau. He really has a good taste, old rogue 🙂 Elena was also going on about mint sirup in her latte the last time we were at a café together. Apparently, people I like like mint.

My perfume, Journey from Mary Kay.
A bit old-fashioned, I guess. Wearing a Mary Kay perfume is not so cool for a 26-year old. But I just love it, it’s fresh and delicious, and I never get tired of it. My mom once was very much into Mary Kay cosmetics and was using pretty much only their products. She was also wearing this perfume. And I remember myself during the summer vacation, sitting behind her back on my parents’ bed and watching her putting make-up on before going to work. At last she was putting the perfume on..and that smell.. It is summer, I totally don’t have responsibilities except for buying bread and milk and playing all day where I please. I feel happy and safe. Maybe I feel like a 9-year-old girl on summer vacation when I use this perfume?

How Asian supermarkets smell.
My first trip to the South-East Asia was a bit confusing. I was expecting too much, rushing a lot and in the end was a bit disappointed on the way back. Luckily, due to some unexpected turns of working and personal life I found myself in Bangkok again just about half a year after the first trip. And there I’ve got the taste of it. I was not overreacting any more when I could smell the cloak, saw poor and injured and was too hot to experience anything. I think I saw something else, can’t really explain it. Just got sort of a cozy feeling of being at the right place. So now going to an asian shop I feel much more comfortable. Not like I suddenly adore the smell of fish sauce and some vegetables I still don’t know, but I’m just sort of happy there, it reminds me of the fact that life is actually really good.