I’ve got this idea with the mirror years ago. I remember i was so amazed by what Pavel Platonov, probably, the most talented person i’ve ever met, was doing at that time. I was thinking many times about the realization, but never had the right moment, or the right person..there was even no right mirror 😀 And then, quite suddenly, I bought the right mirror. And then i met the right girl. Sara. I don’t know, these clear cut simple shapes and basic colors just suit her so well. Sara is perfect for the urban settings and makes a natural landscape sort of more stylish.

Sara. I like short female names. Probably, because I am, myself, called Va-le-ri-a. Back home nobody calls me that, I’m always Lera. But here in Denmark it somehow happened that I am known by my passport name. I don’t have anything against it, it just seems a bit to good for me, or I just feel sort of not grown-up enough for it, may be.

Growing up. This year of my life is the fastest. Already in about a month I am 26, but I can’t believe that is the end of May 2015 already. I didn’t really notice the last 338 days disappearing. Maybe I was thinking too much about the things that were not real, maybe  waiting for too long. Time is truly a funny substance. I hope to feel the next year more fully, I hope to grow, and learn, and make the important decisions I am trying to ignore these days.


may, start

And, against a quite pessimistic weather forecast, the fist of May turned out to be sunny 🙂

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about how much space people have, how much fresh air they get to breath in. Especially, after F. went to Hong Kong and we talked a lot about the space issues. It seems like I live in real luxury, but I still would like to make a trip myself and get to feel what it is like. May be then I will calm down a bit.