I always wanted to try analogue photography. Even before it became cool and then became neutral again. There was a contax camera in the basement, and on one of the trips to Copenhagen I came across this shop selling various photo junk. There was expired film, too. I’ve got a roll, just to try this camera. I was 50% sure the rust made the body not light-tight, so I didn’t really hope for much or try to make a masterpiece of every shot (if it is even possible). I was just moving through December and early January with this pretty heavy peace of metal and 36 chances to release the shutter.

Paris is a cultured crowd

I always was impressed by the amount of different events that take place every single day in this city. And such a phenomenon as a street of theatres or a street of cinemas sounds like le fruit de l’imagination 🙂 A street of theatres! I was born in a town where there was not a single one..and then we moved to a place where there were four all together) and in Paris, there are more on just one street 🙂