about coherence

Do you always remember what you say? I don’t. And sometimes people practically cite my words and look surprised when I say I don’t recall that.

Pieces of people’s personalities are scattered on the internet. It gets difficult to forget what you’ve been saying. It’s all there, recorded.  Miles of conversations, statuses, pictures. But I’m still wondering, if you put those pieces together, do you get the picture right?

sun effects

For a couple of years here, January was my most hated month. There are at least two reasons for it: super-dark and cold all the time (and in Denmark it IS dark in winter..like sun rises around 9 and sets before 16.00) and Christmas is over, so there’s nothing else to look forward to. The other day I was sharing these gloomy thoughts with a friend of mine, a very inspiring young lady. And somehow we came to a conclusion, that there is at least one good thing about this month, SALES! Last couple of years I was busy passing my exams in January and didn’t really enjoy it, but this year I fixed it. And now I like January a bit better 🙂 And, hopefully, next year I’ll remember this and will not going to be depressed right after the New Year.


I sort of got a list with new year’s resolutions in my notebook this time. Doesn’t look like me at all, but I figured I need structure, so I made a list.  I won’t mention them all here, it’s boring and who knows how lazy and indifferent I might get any time. But there are two things that bother me most, health (shape) and language.