to fit a lot in a few lines

I’m back again. This time it’s been incredibly long. What a trivial intro.

Anyway, within these last few months I’ve done a lot and ‘ve seen a lot. Seems like I became a bit less lazy, less shy. I finished my education (two days ago, actually, yey!), ┬ábecame more confident about my Danish, and tried to follow the phase a friend told me not so long ago: “Life is enjoying the process”.

I went to some beautiful places.

I have a lot to say and a lot to show. But I’ll try to take one step at a time, and will start from the end.

Milano felt like a fashionable frying pan where my friend and I were being stewed for three exciting days this august. Probably, we belong to some sort of masochists, but the process was very much enjoyed. After coming back home I realized that I’ve never taken so many pictures of the shop windows when traveling. “But why do you sound surprised, dear? It’s Milano”, you’ll probably tell me.