Aubergines are probably the prettiest vegetables. This summer at home I was eating mommy’s divine ragout and these guys are the main ingredient there. So, the other day we were in Lidl and I saw it on sale – didn’t manage to control myself. Now we have this beauty home. May be it’s not very ethical to take pictures of something you are planning to cook and eat the next day, but c’est la vie, natural selection. Even though it’s probably difficult for vegetables to compete with humans.

I’m very tired and bored in my mind today, so sexy aubergine sounds like a just right subject. Why sexy? Look at this feminine, almost Rubens’ shape. It’s definitely a she.

I’m planning to make this yummy stew and if I don’t fail the result will be shared, recipe attached 🙂

Hope to get more sociable in a couple of days and show some cozy pictures from this summer.

Hold on.


Weekend! Weekend!

September is definitely not the best month you can find yourself in Denmark. Miserably rainy. But! It means that the time for hygge came. And it’s candles, delicious smells from the oven, couch+blanket time and so on. To cut it short, if you have a place to stay and a person to stay with, even Danish autumn can’t spoil your life.

So, being a baking freak I baked chocolate muffins last weekend (actually, I just baked another portion because once a week I have this baking itch and this recipe is good:) Quite many people tried it and everyone said “yes, more!” So, I thought, why not be a good girl and share?

Colour Match

Okay, easy life is over. Now I”m a crazy nerd who has a lot to catch up with and the first deadline dated September, 25. I was interviewed for a job last Wednesday, and even thought I secretly hope they will take me, my rational part says NO! Because then I don’t know how to combine it all. It also means that I’ll be doing something here at the weekends only, but I’ll try to do some nice stuff.

Here the whiny part is over and I’m turning to what I actually was planning to write. Color Matches. I’m a colour freak. I have a real thing for it. In clothes, interior, sometimes even on my plate (oh, this is the worst but happily doesn’t happen very often). When I was 12, I thought that I can wear only blue, beige and black, because these colors look best together. Later, like many others, I was in my black period, which was quite a loooong time. But growing up (oh, still hope I’m doing it) I’ve got much more tolerant towards a wider spectrum, even some weird combinations make me happy today.

Being so colour-sensitive, I pay a lot of attention to the colours that surround me. So this series of pics is about matching colours 🙂