misty morning

It felt like real autumn this morning. The air, so clean that it is almost painful to breathe, and millions of water drops in it; big enough, so you can see them drifting like plankton. Paradoxically, the fog shows many things. I had no idea the world I live in is so densely wrapped in the spider web. I’m not imagining things, have a documentary proof.)


It’s my forth time to write here, so seems like it’s a good time to finally introduce myself. To step out of the closet shade and show my face =) I’ve got a wonderful birthday present this year – three days in Berlin! We went there last weekend and, certainly, A LoT of pictures were taken. As my beloved camera was stolen in Croatia some weeks ago, there are many pictures of me, not mine. Especially pictures from the East Side Gallery on a very good day. The trip was not the only surprise from him. Some days later he showed me what he’d done with those tons of picure-megabytes 🙂 And here I’m sharing. I really like these images. Hello, my name is Lera.

If writing in hand is old-fashioned then I’m old fashioned

Sometimes my boyfriend says that I’m a 75-year-old lady; he is partially right. For instance, I send real post-cards to my friends, more than that, I even write paper letters – just sent one to my Korean friend today. I believe in postal magic and love the idea that there’s something to look forward to: it doesn’t come instantly, doesn’t get lost among newsletters in your email. Written letters are very real and personal, they are memories you can touch. That’s why I like them so much.

I bake.

I grow bazilicum, parsley; and just got wonderful Moroccan mint for home-made mojitos and my favourite tea.

Besides, I have a passion for writing. Not belles-lettres, no. I took literature as my B.A. major to realize that there’s no place for me among the great. My passion is more tangible: I’m in love with paper and writing in hand/drawing. That’s why stationary shops are my favorites. You don’t have trouble searching for your size; don’t get disappointed when something doesn’t fit; don’t get scared by some too enthusiastic shop-assistants 🙂 Going there is really therapeutic. <3